Thursday, April 13, 2017



*Libertarian Christian Podcast was a great conversation that many have said was their all-time favorite of the series. 

*Unboxing God Podcast:
Join us for our first ever Unboxing God conversation.  We sit down with Keith Giles, author of Jesus Untangled, this week to discuss the dangerous entanglement of Politics and Christianity.  If you've ever felt that the Christian entanglement with politics sometimes feels a bit dirty, then you'll enjoy the conversation.
Listen here

*RealTalk Radio was a 2 hour live call-in show. That was awesome.

*Unchurching Podcast was a 2 part interview that really came out great.

*A ViewFrom The Bunker with Derek Gilbert was an hour long interview.

*NotYour Pastor's Podcast was with 2 guys in Flint, Michigan. That was a lot of fun.

*Brandon Andress' Outside The Walls podcast was awesome. I love his podcast and secondly the talk really went in new territory that my other interviews haven't gone yet. 

*Eric Nevin's Halfway There podcast was also a great one. He focused more on my testimony but we did get around to the book too.

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