Thursday, April 13, 2017







*Libertarian Christian Podcast was a great conversation that many have said was their all-time favorite of the series. 

*Unboxing God Podcast:
Join us for our first ever Unboxing God conversation.  We sit down with Keith Giles, author of Jesus Untangled, this week to discuss the dangerous entanglement of Politics and Christianity.  If you've ever felt that the Christian entanglement with politics sometimes feels a bit dirty, then you'll enjoy the conversation.
Listen here

*RealTalk Radio was a 2 hour live call-in show. That was awesome.

*Unchurching Podcast was a 2 part interview that really came out great.

*A ViewFrom The Bunker with Derek Gilbert was an hour long interview.

*NotYour Pastor's Podcast was with 2 guys in Flint, Michigan. That was a lot of fun.

*Brandon Andress' Outside The Walls podcast was awesome. I love his podcast and secondly the talk really went in new territory that my other interviews haven't gone yet. 

*Eric Nevin's Halfway There podcast was also a great one. He focused more on my testimony but we did get around to the book too.

Endorsement quotes for Jesus Untangled


“Jesus Untangled is a clarion call for Christians to wake up to the many ways we have compromised our distinct calling as citizens of the kingdom of God…”- Greg Boyd [The Myth of a Christian Nation]

“In these days where the shadow of despair looms, I anchor my hope in the Light I see and the Voice I hear through books like Jesus Untangled.” - Brad Jersak [Her Gates Will Never Be Shut]

“Keith Giles hits a home run. Give his book a good chew.” – David Ruis, songwriter and worship leader.

“Disagree with it. Debate it. Deal with it, or just do it. But dismiss it at your own peril.”
- Neil Cole [Organic Church]

“If you can’t stand being challenged, only affirmed, well- don’t read this! Keith will make you think, and re-think.” - Brant Hansen [Unoffendable]

“Get this book. Seriously. This is an ESSENTIAL book for every Christian.” - Brandon Andress [Outside the Walls]

“Jesus Untangled touches some of the most sensitive nerves in the religious world.” - Jon Zens [What’s With Paul and Women?]

“In Jesus Untangled, Keith Giles makes a power case that the Early Church had it right all along.” – Ross Rohde, author of “Viral Jesus.”

“If your blood runs red, white and blue while your faith sits meek and mild, then I dare you to read this book!” – Kent Williamson, Emmy-nominated director of “By War & By God.”

“Simply stated, every Kingdom-minded believer will benefit from reading Jesus Untangled.” – Dan Notti, conference speaker; blogger.

“(Jesus Untangled) is an important reminder and warning about the dangers of getting Jesus tangled up with loyalty to the American Civil Religion.” - Kenny Burchard []

“In Jesus Untangled, Keith demolishes the recurring fantasy of a world transformed through Christian laws and policies, and reawakens us to the truly transformative power of the Gospel.” - Richard Jacobson [Unchurching]

“In Americanized Christianity, Jesus has become so entangled in the political realm that he has become more of a political pawn to be owned…than a leader to follow into uncharted territory. I can think of no better place for a Christian to begin reclaiming a message that is still other-worldly than with Jesus Untangled.” - Benjamin L. Corey [Undiluted]

“I highly recommend Jesus Untangled. This book would be great for a community to study.” – John Fischer, author and host of The Catch podcast/blog.

“In Jesus Untangled, Keith presents a good case for separating politics from following Jesus.” – Jeremy Myers, author and Bible Teacher at

“This book should be in the hands of every American Christian” – Chuck McKnight, blogger at “Hippie Heretic.”

“You won’t see American culture or politics the same after reading Jesus Untangled.” – Arnie Adkison


“This book changed my life.” – Carole S. Colella, review from Amazon

“I believe the message in this book is prophetic.” – AnDraea Keene Williams, recording artist.

“I hope the Body of Christ will listen and be encouraged to hold fast to our true allegiance.” – AnDraea Keene Williams, recording artist.

“The explanation of how America could have ended the Holocaust without firing a single shot is worth the price of the book alone!” – Valerie McGowan, review from Amazon

“Excuse my French, but this book is freaking awesome!” – John Bolton, Host of “Real Talk Radio”.

“One of the best books I’ve read in some time.” – Joel Davis, review on Amazon

“I wish I could put this incredibly important book into the hands of every Christian I know.” – Jason Elam, review on Amazon

“What a much-needed breath of fresh air at this time in the history of the Church.” – J. Edmunds, review on Amazon

“This book is a necessity in winning hearts, especially Millenials [like myself], back to Jesus and saving the Church from the State. I can’t recommend enough!” – J. Duncan, review on Amazon

“Be warned. This book will challenge you…to face many of your core beliefs. I’m ordering copies for friends and family.” – Mike Craig, review on Amazon

“Jesus Untangled undoes the knots that the American church has gotten itself into in terms of…captivity to American exceptionalism and consumer religion.” – Nils Von Kalm, review on Amazon

“Jesus Untangled is most definetly a thought-provoking and honest read, and worth the investment of your time, irrespective of your political views.” – Cynthia Menaugh, review on Amazon