Thursday, April 13, 2017

Endorsement quotes for Jesus Untangled


“Jesus Untangled is a clarion call for Christians to wake up to the many ways we have compromised our distinct calling as citizens of the kingdom of God…”- Greg Boyd [The Myth of a Christian Nation]

“In these days where the shadow of despair looms, I anchor my hope in the Light I see and the Voice I hear through books like Jesus Untangled.” - Brad Jersak [Her Gates Will Never Be Shut]

“Keith Giles hits a home run. Give his book a good chew.” – David Ruis, songwriter and worship leader.

“Disagree with it. Debate it. Deal with it, or just do it. But dismiss it at your own peril.”
- Neil Cole [Organic Church]

“If you can’t stand being challenged, only affirmed, well- don’t read this! Keith will make you think, and re-think.” - Brant Hansen [Unoffendable]

“Get this book. Seriously. This is an ESSENTIAL book for every Christian.” - Brandon Andress [Outside the Walls]

“Jesus Untangled touches some of the most sensitive nerves in the religious world.” - Jon Zens [What’s With Paul and Women?]

“In Jesus Untangled, Keith Giles makes a power case that the Early Church had it right all along.” – Ross Rohde, author of “Viral Jesus.”

“If your blood runs red, white and blue while your faith sits meek and mild, then I dare you to read this book!” – Kent Williamson, Emmy-nominated director of “By War & By God.”

“Simply stated, every Kingdom-minded believer will benefit from reading Jesus Untangled.” – Dan Notti, conference speaker; blogger.

“(Jesus Untangled) is an important reminder and warning about the dangers of getting Jesus tangled up with loyalty to the American Civil Religion.” - Kenny Burchard []

“In Jesus Untangled, Keith demolishes the recurring fantasy of a world transformed through Christian laws and policies, and reawakens us to the truly transformative power of the Gospel.” - Richard Jacobson [Unchurching]

“In Americanized Christianity, Jesus has become so entangled in the political realm that he has become more of a political pawn to be owned…than a leader to follow into uncharted territory. I can think of no better place for a Christian to begin reclaiming a message that is still other-worldly than with Jesus Untangled.” - Benjamin L. Corey [Undiluted]

“I highly recommend Jesus Untangled. This book would be great for a community to study.” – John Fischer, author and host of The Catch podcast/blog.

“In Jesus Untangled, Keith presents a good case for separating politics from following Jesus.” – Jeremy Myers, author and Bible Teacher at

“This book should be in the hands of every American Christian” – Chuck McKnight, blogger at “Hippie Heretic.”

“You won’t see American culture or politics the same after reading Jesus Untangled.” – Arnie Adkison


“This book changed my life.” – Carole S. Colella, review from Amazon

“I believe the message in this book is prophetic.” – AnDraea Keene Williams, recording artist.

“I hope the Body of Christ will listen and be encouraged to hold fast to our true allegiance.” – AnDraea Keene Williams, recording artist.

“The explanation of how America could have ended the Holocaust without firing a single shot is worth the price of the book alone!” – Valerie McGowan, review from Amazon

“Excuse my French, but this book is freaking awesome!” – John Bolton, Host of “Real Talk Radio”.

“One of the best books I’ve read in some time.” – Joel Davis, review on Amazon

“I wish I could put this incredibly important book into the hands of every Christian I know.” – Jason Elam, review on Amazon

“What a much-needed breath of fresh air at this time in the history of the Church.” – J. Edmunds, review on Amazon

“This book is a necessity in winning hearts, especially Millenials [like myself], back to Jesus and saving the Church from the State. I can’t recommend enough!” – J. Duncan, review on Amazon

“Be warned. This book will challenge you…to face many of your core beliefs. I’m ordering copies for friends and family.” – Mike Craig, review on Amazon

“Jesus Untangled undoes the knots that the American church has gotten itself into in terms of…captivity to American exceptionalism and consumer religion.” – Nils Von Kalm, review on Amazon

“Jesus Untangled is most definetly a thought-provoking and honest read, and worth the investment of your time, irrespective of your political views.” – Cynthia Menaugh, review on Amazon

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